Aims and Scope

The Journal of Legal Research has been published in 2002 in two journals with a scientific-promotional approach to issue 32Due to the acceptance of researchers, students and professors to submit articles to this journal, the Institute decided to publish it in a quarterly mannerThe order of publication of this journal was registered on 07/07/24 with the number 69067 and it was published in the quarterly issue of No. 33Using the collaboration of scholars, professors, lawyers, judges, and law students, this publication seeks to address issues relevant to transcending the legal system in addition to disseminating legal issues in various legal fields. Research or translation form available to enthusiasts.
One of the new missions of this journal in the new period of its activity, along with the publication of other specialized publications to be published by the Law Institute, while establishing the Law Club, collaborating with the Club and the think tanks, is that each is problematic in its own way. They are committed to solving the country's legal problems and problems by seeking to review the failings of the country's legal system and to seek solutions and provide appropriate solutions to legislators and executives.
The magazine cited the letter dated 11.05.1384 No. 3/2910/588 Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the meeting dated 01.05.1384 Commission scientific publications, valid  scientific advocacy  is knownIt is indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation Database( ISC)and . Noormags   
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